HipHopHeads.com (v2.0) was founded in 2016. Our website provides you with all the information on new hip-hop album release dates. Whether it’s an album or a mixtape, it will be here! We also cover the latest songs, albums, upcoming artists, and news (but no gossip) on our blog with our team of writers.

Hip-hop is what we do here. The sky is the limit. And of course we wouldn’t be here without you. We love the hip-hop community and without it, this site would not exist. Be sure to join the HHH community on our forums! Your comments, questions and opinions are always welcome. We always look forward to them!

Zac launched HipHopHeads.com (v2.0) in early 2016 to keep fans up to date with the latest hip-hop album and mixtape release dates. Zac lives in Detroit, Michigan and works as a front-end web developer. He’s updating the website on a daily basis in hope to become the go-to source for hip-hop release dates on the Internet. He’s grateful for all the loyal lurkers and commenters who come to the site and show support.

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