FEARRARI by City James | Song Spotlight


Los Angeles rapper City James teases his (12/4) debut EP with gripping title track FEARRARI.

City’s pounding delivery demands and holds your attention hostage. The aggression of this track is controlled by dips into a more technical flow, before turning back to the hard-hitting hook. As City raps “I gotta see the day, I gotta make the play,” you can hear how hungry he is. City James turns a come-up track into a blood-red banger with FEARRARI.

Outside of rap, City James is a celebrated artist. His spoken word video, “State of Emergency”, went viral and even caught the attention of Russell Simmons.

Here’s what City has to say about the track and the project:

‘FEARRARI’ is about breaking free from the everyday and doing what you vibe with and saying fuck the rest. Same for the project as a whole. Often times we as people are driven by FEAR instead of being steered by faith and your purpose. We gon fuck up, make mistakes, keep it moving and learn. That’s what all this is about. All while doing it with the ones you came up with.

Notable Replies

  1. This track was not what I was expecting and I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to hear more from City James.

  2. this shit is dope. im glad i gave this a chance. gonna look moree into this dude

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