Isaiah Rashad – Free Lunch


An airy, smoked-out beat, with cunning lyrics and an infectious chorus.

‘Free Lunch’ is a strong single and highlights the best parts of ZayWop’s style. Rashad’s flow is also one of the most captivating in the game right now. It has a unique vibe to it, where it almost sounds like the words are rolling off the tip of his tongue and slowly circling the air around you before they fall deep into your ear drum.

The video also is rather interesting, as it seems the characters are trying to “clean” their dirty money. Possibly inferring that they are trying to legitimize their illegally-made income in hopes of creating a better life for themselves.

Both the video and the song exemplify Rashad’s swagger and intelligence as a hip-hop artist, and with Cam O’bi on the boards, it’s a stand out hit. Any fan of Rashad, or any fan of straight up hip-hop music in general, has to check this out! September 2nd can’t come soon enough – Zay’s new album is gearing up to be something special.

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