Stop Sleeping! Listen to Casanova by Brian Fresco


With two mixtapes under his belt, SaveMoney’s Brian Fresco keeps the SaveMoney Summer going by dropping his part silky, part romantic, part crushing trap, mixtape Casanova.

A lesser known member of the collective, Brian Fresco furnishes this tape with his versatility, catching voice, and an unmistakeable Chicago sound. If your summer is lacking in heavy bangers or sunny Sunday morning spring-fling jams, this mixtape is not one to overlook. With so many sides to the Brain Fresco sound, it’s difficult to go through this project without being really impressed by three or four tracks. The diversity on this tape gives it some, perhaps unintended, reach, which means, it’s time for everyone to stop sleeping and listen to Casanova by Brian Fresco.

The first track features a beat and bars indicative of a growing artist. The piano melody gives off the “Mama, I made it,” vibe as Brian lays in lyrics that lift him up and humble him at the same time. The soft strings in the wings of the beat really pad his voice and gives first time listeners a true taste of one facet of Fresco’s sound. The instrumental works well to deliver an underlying, pounding emotion, which in turn allows Brian to work in the scope of his aggressive delivery, mostly native to his pure trap songs.

When it comes to pure, grimy, gripping trap cuts, Brian does not disappoint with “Lean” and “Bussin.” “Lean” delivers a dark purple, spacey beat that dresses up the bouncy hook. The whole song gives off the sensation of ricocheting around, and lets Brian flex his ability to make a true trap cut. As the song tapers off, it leaves distinct hints of a booming transition into “Bussin,” which comes with a looming, wind-storm sounding beat for Brian to crush while he’s “off all of them drugs.” Setting these two songs back to back helps build the perfect amount of cacophony. Sadly, Brian fails in part to sustain the murky mood on “Elimidate,” and while his delivery and the backing synths on the beat help him out, the monotone electric guitar notes throw off his flow.

For me, mixtape really shines when it lives up to its romantic title. Earlier tracks like “Left Liquor” and “Call” allude to Brain taking the tape in a smoother direction. Though, the best four track sprint on the tape starts with “Dandelion” and ends with “Honey.” Coming off the rocking trap spree, “Dandelion” is a soft, somber, and vulnerable ballad, which showcases another angle of Brian Fresco while maintaining trap influences in the percussion. The wispy piano outro transitions well into the full-bodied beat on “Together.” Between these two tracks, Brain realizes a succinct sunrise type of mood. These softer cuts really allow Brian to come into all of his potential, beyond being an aggressive trapper.

Brian Fresco’s appeal can be derived from how diverse his songs are, perhaps both a blessing and curse. He has no issue throwing out these vigorous, drug-laced, trap cuts. This tape also shows how comfortable he can get taking a softer, more sensitive approach to a song. Over the course of Casanova, we quite literally hear him finding his voice from track to track. While throughout the tape this poses a threat to the always sought after consistency, Brain uses this tape to come one step closer to understanding the scope and reach of his style. He is a definite and wildly creative force in the SaveMoney collective, and for that reason no one should be missing out on this tape. Whether you’re here to rage or to simmer down and think about your girl, there’s bound to be a set of songs here that will seamlessly fit into your summer rotation.

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