Stop Sleeping! Listen to Babies by Moses Mosima


Philly rapper, singer, and producer Moses Mosima gets in touch with his carnal emotions on his latest 8-track EP Babies.

Moses self-produced this entire project, putting immense effort into translating the emotional journey of childhood into a soulful sonic experience. Babies is a project driven by its heartfelt range and the raw potential Moses has as an artist. It’s both attractive and shocking how easily Moses approaches the vulnerable and the fragile state of humanity. His approaches are personal to his experiences, yet tap the universal pain, making him an incredibly accessible artist. This EP has made waves from Philly all the way to the UK, which is all the more reason for you to stop sleeping and give this project a spin.

The EP opens with a few gentle, if not timid, keys over the sound of a crying baby: the jumping off point of tracking human feeling. As the keys build up their bravado, Moses begins to sing a soft melody as the baby rustles in the background. The song signs off with a quick crescendo of strings and fades right into the next track and single “Majiin Boo.” Moses sings the sorrows of lost love over bouncy keys and a funky percussion. This cut will win you over with its honesty, and hook you with the winding beat.

“Dancing on the Walls” is the best display of Moses’ singing range. The song has a light atmosphere, supplanted with a few bells in the back of the mix, adding a mystic quality. The focused, lo-fi bars on “Can’t Stand” strike at the core of Moses’ talent. They’re ominous, looming, and allow him to bear his heart without coming off obvious.

For all these moments of emotional intelligence, Moses just falls short of keeping the trend going on the third cut. “IFCKUP” features a beating wave guitar groove and some auto-tune to furnish his voice. While the beat is intriguing, the lyrics of this track are just too direct to be charming: “I fucked up when I said I gave a fuck.” The rest of the project features lyricism with a greater insight than this one-liner, and this track seems like Moses Mosima selling himself short.

Moses signs off with an instrumental populated with astral synths and a few subtle harp notes. The beat is beautifully spacey and inquisitive; a strong representation of the internal journey he was attempting to take us on over these eight tracks. As a producer, Moses is capable of dipping his toes in a variety of sounds, but I’d love to see him play around with one sound until it becomes undeniably his.

At its core, Babies is a short, smart, and catchy EP. It’s nice to hear Moses thread a few left over wisps of summer into this project. The somber undertones in production make this is the EP you’ll come back to on those cold days where you miss the sun. Babies has staying power, which is why this project is not to be slept on.

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