Feb 10, 2017

Accelerator EPby Paul White


Accelerator (Ft. Danny Brown)
Accelerator (Instrumental)
Lion's Den (Ft. Danny Brown)
Lion's (Instrumental)

British producer Paul White is at the producer’s table again for his new EP featuring rapper Danny Brown, the Accelerator EP. The EP contains 4 tracks, two of which have vocals, and the other two are solo instrumentals from the vocal tracks. Paul White carries his eclectic, worldly and diverse sample based style throughout his solo and collaborative work, most known for his work with Danny Brown’s solo material, most notably and recently producing the majority of Danny Brown’s 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition. Through his production work on Atrocity Exhibition, he had shown his talents in a more abrasive, left field and mind-bending style that was tailored to Danny. In this EP, it brings more of the same taste of the chemistry between the producer and rapper.

To get a taste, check out their collaboration on Ain’t It Funny  by Danny Brown, here:


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