Mar 14, 2017

Blkswnby Smino


Wild Irish Roses
Glass Flows (Ft. Ravyn Lenae)
Flea Flicka (Ft. Bari)
Netflix & Dusse
Lobby Kall
Edgar Allan Poe'd Up (Ft. theMIND)
Father Son Holy Smoke
B Role
Blkoscars (Ft. Jay2)
Blkswn prod. by Sango
Lions Run (Ft. Via Rosa)
Silk Pillows (Ft. Akenya)
Ricky Millions (Ft. Drea Smith)

St. Louis burgeoning prospect and eccentric lyricist Smino is on the spot for his debut full length LP, Blkswn, set for issue on March 14th. Smino’s discography has since now – consisted of short and sweet EPs and singles, for the most part produced by fellow Zero Fatigue crew member Monte Booker. Smino appeared on the scene with his EPs Blkjupiter and S!Ck S!Ck S!Ck and has further made acclaimed appearances on his Chicago contemporaries projects, such as Saba’s Bucket List, Noname’s Telefone, and Chance the Rapper’s unfortunately cut-from-release track “Living Single”. Smino’s unique bubblegum flow that strings one sticky, punchy line to another, using an atypical, peppy and sour vocal signature coalesces around jazzy, futuristic soul and gospel production, allowing him to thrive in the booming hip-hop soundscape of Chicago. With Blkswn, he hopes to solidify his presence and St. Louis’ legitimacy as a musical centre with the greater hip-hop community.

Check out his 3 singles, Blkswn, Anita, and Blkoscars, here.




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