Sep 21, 2016

0.001% ???by Kaytranada


anderson .paak is on this! around 1:04:50
chance the rapper's "all night" is remixed around 39:30
Usher's U Don't Have To Call is remixed right after around 42:00
Alicia Keys - Girlfriend remix around 52:00
idk what the remix at 55:00 is
SBTRKT - the light remix at 1:00:00
don't know the remix at 1:12:00 but sounds kinda like joey bada$$ but doubt its him
idk one after either :/
1:27:00 is Janet Jackson - No Sleep remix


Notable Replies

  1. anyone got a rough feature list??

  2. This is growing on me. 3rd listen.

  3. well, now we know that he's aware

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