Mar 10, 2017

Packsby Your Old Droog


Jeselnik Skit 1 (feat. Anthony Jeselnik)
I Only
Bangladesh (feat. Heems)
Grandma Hips (feat. Danny Brown)
Jeselnik Skit 2 (feat. Anthony Jeselnik)
Just An Interlude (feat. Chris Crack)
White Rappers (A Good Guest)
Help (feat. Wiki and Edan)
Jeselnik Skit 3 (feat. Anthony Jeselnik)
You Can Do It! (Give Up)
My Girl Is A Boy
Winston Red

Brooklyn MC Your Old Droog is set to issue his 2nd full length LP, Packs, on March 10th. Droog’s Nas-like knack for narrative and story-telling raps is natural to him, as he is consistently laying it down on retro New York production that draws inspiration from the greats such as Large Professor and DJ Premier. He tells his stories with a humourful edge, both self aggrandizing and self deprecating. Droog has been making his name with acclaimed EPs such as What Happened To Fire?, Kinison and The Nicest, and his debut self titled LP Your Old Droog, however on Packs, he sets to bring his name and what he represents to the table.

Check out the singles, Help, G.K.A.C, and White Rappers, here.





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