Mar 31, 2017

You Only Live 2wiceby Freddie Gibbs


20 Karat Jesus
Crushed Glass
Dear Maria
Phone Lit

Indiana trap afficionado and rapper Freddie Gibbs, after a tumultuous time in Europe being tried for sexual abuse accusations, he is back in the United States and at the recording booth for his new 8 track feature-less project, You Only Live 2wice, set for a March 31st release. Known for his collaborative LP with producer Madlib, Pinata, released in 2014, Gibbs brings relentless barrages of bars detailing his sinister reputation in the rap game and on the street, his struggles from Indiana and the justice system, and his marijuana endeavors, among much more. His delivery is raw and unadulterated, hard as concrete. On You Only Live 2wice, Freddie seeks to speak on unexpressed topics his mind has been on for a while, get back into his groove and continue to push himself forward from Shadow of a Doubt, his previous release.

Check out his single, Crushed Glass, here.






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